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Forbidden Fruits in a Fruit Diet

August 18, 2011

If you are considering a fruit diet, are there any fruits that are forbidden. The answer might be more complicated than a simple yes or no. It could depend more on whether you choose a temporary cleansing fruit flush diet that you participate in once a month, or if you are a fruitarian, OR if you have any health issues.

Fruit Diet Nutritional Concerns

A diet high in fruit limits what many nutritionists and doctors say are important nutrients, which makes the fruit diet an option not always recommended. The deficiencies listed for those who maintain a long-term fruit diet, can range from protein, calcium & essential fatty acid deficiencies, to lack of Vitamin B, Vitamin D, zinc and iron. The fruit diet is also considered not safe for those suffering from diabetes and hyperglycemia due to the high sugar levels in fruit. Some professionals even go so far as to say an all fruit diet can cause these diseases.

Other reports from doctors, nutritionists and foodie activists propose results showing the exact opposite. Dr. Douglas Graham, author of the 80/10/10 Diet has written extensively in his books saying that it’s virtually impossible to obtain too much sugar from eating fresh fruit. He says it’s more complicated than that and cites the real culprit is a coating of fat build-up in the blood. New studies being done by medical professionals are showing evidence that it extra calcium supplements, not from normal food sources cause hard plaque particles in arteries, instead of the big scare on cholesterol, and that this is the link to heart related disease.

The answer to this is an increased fruits and vegetables diet. Author and food activist David Wolfe, in his Sunfood Diet Success System, and Longevity Now Conferences, indicates that people with diabetes and hypoglycemia can begin a fruits diet by choosing those fruits which are low in sugars. Later when their body stabilizes they can include the fruits that have higher sugar levels.

Are Fruit Diet Concerns Substantiated?

I cannot speak for everyone, but from tracking my health conditions, eating too much fruit has not affected me negatively. When I choose fruit, I balance between those that have lower and higher fruit sugar levels, and I include fresh green and cruciferous vegetables. I wouldn’t trade any of the healing and cleansing properties in the nutrient dense fruit and veggie diet I have settled on.

This is an interesting observation I read recently on how protein food sources can drive up insulin levels:

  • A beef burger or cheddar cheese slices can raise insulin more than 2 cups of spaghetti noodles or other high-carbohydrate. (1997 report American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
  • Beef, one quarter lb. will raise a diabetic’s insulin level as much as the same weight of sugar. (1984, Diabetes Care 7)

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