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Fruit Cleanse Diet: Fruits Diet for Breast Health

January 15, 2012

For any fruits diet or fruit cleanse diet to be truly effective for each individual, first of all let me re-iterate and again place emphasis on the fact that it’s very important that you research as much as possible before running off and trying a new diet. Even the best diet, or most famous, may cause a negative reaction for your body and system. So always research as much as possible, seek counsel from a natural doctor or natural health care or integrative medicine professional. Having mentioned that vital point again, in this article I’d like to take some time to focus on an issue that is on the hearts and minds of many women today, and that is breast health. As women, we are continually bombarded with news of breast cancer whether it is chemo-therapy, radiation and its harrowing effect on the human body, or mastectomy, or the worst case scenario, dying from breast cancer. Here I’d like to include some information on how a good fruits diet, along with other suggested foods, and lifestyle changes can help a woman to be more proactive with her breast health.

Recommended Fruits and Fruit Diet

I recently happened upon the website of Dr. J.E. Williams, a medical doctor who has pioneered groundbreaking work in integrative medicine, natural healing and ethnobotanical research. He’s authored several books on the subject, including the titles, Viral Immunity and Beating the Flu.

Through his research he has found that particular fruits promote good breast health. Of course, most of us know that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, or rather than sticking a hospital at the bottom of the cliff, build a fence at the top, right?!  So, we want to do everything we can to keep our health up, and our immune systems functioning properly. The article by Dr. Williams discusses dietary changes, and the necessary fruit to help protect breast health; focusing on PRO-active, preventative measures.

Dr. Williams encourages everyone (not just women) to eat a 10-12 serving, whole, preferably organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) fruits and veggies diet. Here are some of his preventative measures in a nutshell, although they focus on breast health in particular the advice is also sound for any type of cancer prevention.

  • Watch your salt/sodium intake and water retention
  • Stop eating trans-fats
  • Limit intake of red meats and milk; eating organic yoghurt and kefir is good
  • Include wild-caught salmon & deep water halibut (wild-caught reduces inflammation)
  • Limit caffeine products
  • Include plenty of cruciferous veggies such as: spinach, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, collards, even mushrooms…AND
  •  EAT MORE CITRUS FRUITS! Choose: Oranges, Limes, and tangelos. Watch out for grapefruit though as it contains a substance that may interfere with the body being able to metabolize estrogen.

Fruits Diet and Additional Lifestyle Changes

The addition of a high fruits diet must include some lifestyle changes, as simply eating a diet high in the right types of fruit will not keep a person healthy. Our body and entire nervous system is whole, and operates as one. Any area where we are off the beam in our lives can affect the whole system, thus the term, holistic. So, in addition to focusing on a fruit and vegetable diet, consider these changes as well:

  • Get sunlight or exposure for 2 hours (vitamin D)
  • Exercise daily, whether walking, swimming or a routine workout
  • Avoid/limit alcohol and smoking; Get plenty of SLEEP
  • Take time to relax in nature
  • Make and take time friends and loved ones
  • Lose weight if necessary; keep a healthy weight for your body and frame

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